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【hermes】Cyan Reishi Scalp Revitalizer

Well-known Chinese herbal pharmacy Sheng Yuan Herbs in Taiwan has just introduced a new product for scalp care, Cyan Reishi Scalp Revitalizer.  I have been using it regularly for the last two months.  I highly recommend it. 😭

Due to the issues of hormonal imbalance and excessive perspiration, my scalp is usually in pretty bad shape.  However, since I have been using this product over the summer there is no issue on my scalp.  Cyan Reishi Scalp Revitalizer helped improve my hair quality even after the damages to my hair after dying or perming!  Reference to the pictures below for detailed instructions on how to use the product.✍️

Sheng Yuan Herbs’ Cyan Reishi Scalp Revitalizer

Damaged hair due to hormonal imbalance, perspiration, or ultra-violet sun light can be repaired by using this product and restore the health of the scalp.

This product can stimulate hair growth, strengthen hair follicles and nourish scalp.

The main ingredients are Ganoderma Microsporum Immunomodulatory Protein (GMI), ginger root extract and cocoa extract.  The ingredients are all-natural, 100% plant-based, not tested on animals, non-toxic, no added artificial fragrances, minerals or coloring agents!

I would first spray this product onto my scalp, while the hair is still wet after washing my hair.  Then I would massage my scalp to help the solution to be absorbed.  Currently the weather is hot and it feels very refreshing after massaging my scalp with the product!

My scalp gets itchy quite easily due to my excessive perspiration.  Also, there are a few thinning spots on the top of my head because I like dying my hair. However, using this product regularly has help polish my hair quality as well as improve the well-being of my scalp!

Hair care has to start with scalp health.  I have paid a lot of attention to my scalp for a long time and purchased many scalp care products as a result.  Cyan Reishi Revitalizer is definitely one of the best scalp care products I have ever seen!