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Privacy terms

Sheng Yuan Herbs official website (“Website”) is an official shopping website operated by Sheng Yuan Herbs. Sheng Yuan Herbs values your privacy and collects and uses consumers’ personal data and strengthens relevant protective measures pursuant to Taiwan’s Personal Information Protection Act and the Privacy Protection Statement. Please pay attention to the following items before you log on to the Website.

1. Privacy Policy Scope

Our Privacy Policy covers the way this Website processes personal identification data collected when you are using Website service, but does not apply to related link sites other than this Website, nor does it apply to personnel who are not commissioned or involved in the management of this Website.

2. Collection, Processing and Utilization of Personal Data

For necessary information that you have offered when purchasing goods or receiving related services, we will grab this opportunity to enhance our understanding of each customer, and further provide better and first-rate services that meet the requirements of consumers. Personal data include basic personal data, personal transaction records, payment information, personal experience with products and personal lifestyle.

Unless authorized by you in advance or in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, the Website will not provide the information to a third party or use it for other purposes, except in the following circumstances:

  • When cooperating with legal investigation by judicial units
  • When cooperating with the investigation and use by relevant authorities as required by their duty
  • When believing that disclosure is made in good faith for legal purposes or for the maintenance and improvement of Website services and management.

When you are going through the shopping process or participating in other activities, the Website will require you to enter your personal information to complete the transaction and related services.

This Website will automatically record your visits to the Website, and these data are used only for traffic analysis and network behavior surveys, so as to improve the service quality of the Website. This Website only analyzes total user behavior instead of individual users.

3. Protection of Personal Data

To safeguard the privacy and security of members, their account information on this Website will be protected by password. We will do our best to ensure the security of all personal data with reasonable technology and procedures.

Protecting the privacy of members is an important business philosophy of our company. Without the consent of the member, we will not provide the member’s personal data to any third party who is not related to the official Website shopping service. Members are strongly advised to keep their passwords and personal data secret and not provide any personal data, especially passwords to anyone. Be sure to log off after leaving this Website. If you share your computer with others or use a public computer, be sure to close the browser window.

4. External Website Links

This website provides links to other websites for you to access by clicking on the links provided by this Website. However, you must refer to their privacy policy as the privacy policy of this Website does not apply to the link sites.

5. Use of Cookies

To provide you with best service, this Website will place and take our cookies on your computer. If you elect to disable cookies by setting a privacy level of “High” in the Settings of the browser you use, then the write operation will fail, which might cause some functions of the Website to not be performed properly.

6. Revision of Privacy Policy

This Website reserves the right to change the contents of this statement. The statement on the change will be published at the same place on the Website without any further notice. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this privacy policy, please feel free to call us at (02)2555-5070, and we will be happy to serve you.