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Natural Herbal Mosquito Repellent Bag


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All-natural herbal ingredients such as clove, artemisia argyi, angelica dahurica,perilla frutescens, mint, calamus, agastache rugosa, and honeysuckle without any chemical additives.

For outdoor use and keeping bugs away from strollers or tents.



Bug Repellent


Take out the mosquito repellent pouch from the vacuum sealed package. Place the pouch inside the mesh string bag and hang it by the windows or doors.
Replace the repellent pouch once every 2 to 3 weeks to achieve the best result.
The repellent formula utilized consists of all natural Chinese herbs without chemical additives and preservatives.
The repellent bag can be used outdoor with baby strollers or camping tents as well.


Keep the product at dry and cool storage. Avoid direct sunlight.


Two mosquito repellent pouches + a mesh string bag


Caryophylli flos (Clove), Artemisia argyi, Angelica dahurica, Perilla frutescens, Mentha Haplocalycis Herba (Mint), Acori Tatarinowii Rhizoma (Calamus), Agastache rugosa, Lonicera japonica (Honeysuckle)


Not suggested to use if you are allergic to herbal odors.
Avoid contact with eyes and skins.
If the herbal ingredients are found dampened or moldy, please discard the product.
If any discomfort occurs during use, stop using the product immediately.


After opening, use the product promptly.



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