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【Sakurai yuri】Cyan Reishi Advanced Repair Gel

I have been on frequent business travels recently.  As a result my body clock has been in disarray and there have been many pimple outbreaks which is a serious skin issue!  As a remedy, I am trying out Sheng Yuan Herbs’ Cyan Reishi Advanced Repair Gel!

Sheng Yuan Herbs is a well-known brand for herbal products in Taiwan.  Previously I introduced their facial mask products which I had great user experiences with.  Thus, I want to share with all of you about this new product right after I received them!

Cyan Reishi Advanced Repair Gels contain large amount of the precious ingredient of Reishi.  It can be used to repair the scars from pimple outbreaks, stretch marks or scratches which cause skin discomfort.  I tried other types of products before on my battered skin without much effect.  I can definitely sense improvement after using Cyan Reishi Advanced Repair Gels! 

The pricing for this product is not economical because the ingredients used are very valuable.  However, you get what you pay for and it is definitely effective.  People who have skin problems should definitely give it a try.