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Author: Sheng Yuan

【hermes】Cyan Reishi Scalp Revitalizer

Well-known Chinese herbal pharmacy Sheng Yuan Herbs in Taiwan has just introduced a new product for scalp care, Cyan Reishi Scalp Revitalizer.  I have been using it regularly for the last two months.  I highly recommend it. 😭 Due to the issues of hormonal imbalance

【mirin】Cyan Reishi Scalp Revitalizer

When I was working as a flight attendant on duty to Taiwan, I was always going on heavy shopping sprees at Sheng Yuan Herbs for their herbal personal care products which I have introduced many times before.  Recently Sheng Yuan Herbs released a new scalp

【YUMI】Cyan Reishi Scalp Revitalizer

Cyan Reishi Scalp Revitalizer(80ml) from Sheng Yuan Herbs Similar to the Cyan Reishi Advanced Repair Gel I introduced previously, Cyan Reishi Scalp Revitalizer is an essence with GMI ingredients for scalp care.   Benefits from “Ganoderma Microsporum Immunomodulatory Protein (GMI)” ➡︎ Nourish scalp and stimulate hair

【惠美】Cyan Reishi Scalp Revitalizer

Those having issues with thin hair and hair loss,  pay attention here!!  I recently just tried Cyan Reishi Scalp Revitalizer which can stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss!  This haircare product has all-natural GMI ingredients which can revitalize hair follicles and improve blood circulation. 

Reishi’s Benefits and Use for Skin Care

What are Reishi’s Healthcare Benefits? Do you know about Reishi?  Since ancient times Reishi has been valued as a premium herbal medicine for maintaining health and regulating bodily functions. However, natural-grown Reishi is scarce and as a result it is very precious.  That’s why Reishi

3 Common Types of hives, Recommended Herbal Remedies for hives.

During seasonal transitions, the skin is easily affected by environmental stimuli, leading to symptoms such as redness, itching, and rashes, especially in individuals with sensitive skin. When “skin symptoms” start to appear, it can be worrisome and raise concerns, prompting many to seek dermatological care.