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【Sasakura maya】Cyan Reishi Advanced Repair Gel

The skin care product intended for people who love herbal products!

Previously I introduced Sheng Yuan Herbs’ facial mask products which I had great user experiences with.  This time I want to share with all of you about this new product Cyan Reishi Advanced Repair Gel which I also am falling in love with!

Cyan Reishi has been called “God’s herbs” since the ancient times in China due to its high nutritional value and difficulty to produce.  That’s why the prices of Reishi products are usually very high.

The radiant skins pursued by ladies can be achieved by the precious ingredients in Reishi.  Thus Sheng Yuan Herbs is taking advantage of that and incorporating Reishi into their skincare products. 

Cyan Reishi Advanced Repair Gel is watery and not tacky.  Using the product does not affect your daily skincare routine thus you can apply it before putting on makeup or going to bed.

Now we are in the era of constant mask wearing and it’s causing skin issues with all that mask wearing for a lot of people.  In order to remedy those skin issues in general you would have to put on all kinds of skincare products which is time consuming and troublesome.  Using  Cyan Reishi Advanced Repair Gel would eliminate much of that headache!

I was amazed by the product after trying it out.  You would feel the gel permeate into the skin layer after lightly applying the gel.  It feels very comforting.  This product is definitely a good companion for the upcoming hot and sticky summer. 

Recently I took a few trips and all the mask wearing in the flights and indoor vendors was causing pimple outbreaks around my mouths.  Unfortunately my daughter and I both forgot to bring the acne ointment.  We tried to use Reishi Advanced Repair Gel on the pimples and the pimples just magically disappeared afterwards!

The product description also mentions about helping to repair scars.  This is my up close and personal experience of the magical power of cyan Reishi. 

It’s a big no-no to have pimples at my age.  If it happens there is a good chance to have the acne scars forever.  Thus I really appreciated Reishi Advanced Repair Gel bailed me out during my trips!

The raining season is coming, and the humid climate would worsen the situation under the mask…

However, this year I have the secret weapon of Reishi Advanced Repair Gel and would use it throughout the year!

 Sheng Yuan Herbs Reishi based products are available in the regular sized Reishi Advanced Repair Gel and the travel-size Cyan Reishi Healing Gel. I would carry the conveniently packaged Cyan Reishi Healing Gel around when going out~

The healing power of herbs are quite amazing!  To we ladies the herbal products are greatly beneficial!

Here are the product features of Reishi Advanced Repair Gel from Sheng Yuan Herbs

  • Odorless, no colorants, no artificial aromatizers and no oil additives
  • No surfactants added
  • Tested for pesticide or heavy metal residues and compliant to the highest standards.

You can buy the products anywhere in the world from Sheng Yuan Herbs’ website.  Those who are distressed about the skin problems should definitely give these products a try.