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【hermes】Cyan Reishi Advanced Repair Gel

Previously I introduced about Sheng Yuan Herbs in Taiwan. They recently just released a new skincare gel made with Reishi.

‧With highly anticipated β-dextron
‧With calming and anti-inflammatory effects
‧With gentle and hydrating texture

I have been enjoying the product in the small size package which I have almost used up!

Reishi Advanced Repair Gel

-Odorless, no colorants, no artificial aromatizers and no oil additives

-No surfactants added

-Reishi is a rare herb which is not abundant in supply.  Usually the price for Reishi is quite costly.  Fortunately, Sheng Yuan Herbs developed its proprietary culture technology to be able to mass produce Reishi and lower the cost. This world-class herbal product is tested for pesticide or heavy metal residues and compliant to the highest standards.Reishi has been called “Immortality Mushroom” since the ancient times in Asia.  It has been used as a herbal medicine and has great benefit to one’s health.  For example, its β-dextron can help suppress allergy and inflammation.

Currently there are many researches around the world on the benefits of Reishi.  Many researches have pointed out the significant improvement on inner body circulation from Reishi.  Skincare products and health supplements made with Reishi are becoming more and more popular in the market.  Reishi is considered one of the more precious herbs.

The texture of the gel is watery, so it’s absorbed by the skin quickly after application.  There is no foul smell of typical herbal medicine.  During the pollen season you can use Reishi to suppress the skin itchiness and inflammation. 

Due to its small package size, I would carry one around going out or traveling, especially to alleviate the skin discomfort from mask wearing.

You would not feel any tackiness even with large amount of application.  I love the moisturizing power from the product.  Because of the fast absorption, you can put on makeup right after you use the product.

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