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【Nanri mai】Cyan Reishi Advanced Repair Gel

!Cyan Reishi Advanced Repair Gel!

Recently I have started using products with Reishi ingredients from Sheng Yuan Herbs.
‘Cyan Reshi Advanced Repair Gel’
‘Cyan Reishi Healing Gel’

Cyan Reshi Advanced Repair Gel can be used to treat skin rashes caused by allergic dermatitis,bug bites, itchiness, or dysautonomia as well as hives, herpes, wounds from scratches and cuts.
It can even be used to repair other severe skin conditions such acne scars or unhealed wounds.✨✨
It’s pretty amazing to find such a skin care product with so many remarkable benefits.✨✨
Cyan Reishi Advanced Repair Gel and Cyan Reishi Healing Gel are made with all-natural ingredients without any chemical or artificial ingredients.

The legend has it that Reishi has been considered “god’s herb” in the ancient times.🍄
In addition, Reishi is full of beneficial nutrients such as beta glucan so it has also been called an “immortality herb”.✨
The most popular type of Reishi is the Cyan Reishi which is easily absorbed by human body due to its mild property.
Cyan Reishi is a popular additive to skin care products or dietary supplements.🙈💕💕
Frequent use of these gels would not cause any discomfort on the skin!✨✨

Cyan Reishi Advanced Repair Gel
Odorless, no colorants, no artificial aromatizers and no oil additives
No surfactants added
More watery compared to regular essence gels.
GMI protein is an immunomodulatory protein discovered from Ganoderma Microsporum and rich with beneficial nutrients.

Sheng Yuan Herbs utilizes modern production technology to incorporate GMI into the Cyan Reishi Advanced Repair Gel which enables users to enjoy the magic power of Cyan Reishi.✨
Cyan Reishi Advanced Repair Gels have been tested for pesticide or heavy metal residues and are compliant with the highest standards.

These are truly world-class skin care products.🎶

Cyan Reishi Healing Gel (smaller size with lower Reishi content) are conveniently packaged to carry around🎶🎶. These products are easy to spread around on the skin. After use there is no stickiness so you can put on the makeup directly after!🙈🙈✨