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【Nanri Mai】mosquito repellent sprays

\Herbal Bug Repellent/
Anything coming in contact with my children’s skin, such as bug repellent sprays, I would avoid using products with chemical ingredients to keep a peace of mind. ☘
Mosquito repellent sprays from Sheng Yuan Herbs are made with Taiwan cypress essence and herbal essential oils. ✨
These ingredients are natural, non-toxic and without any chemical additives.
Sheng Yuan Herbs’ mosquito repellent sprays are refreshing and not pungent. It would be safe even if the kids accidentally ingest the solution.
Because infants have a tendency to lick around the skin, it makes me at ease to use this type of product.
Now my daughter is in charge of spraying bug repellent on all the family members when going out. She is having fun too!!
Let’s make sure we all use this great product from Sheng Yuan Herbs when going outdoors.☘️✨