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【Nao】Cyan Reishi Advanced Repair Gel

My previous experience with the facial mud mask from Sheng Yuan Herbs has been very positive. Thus I am sharing my new experience with their new product, Cyan Reishi Advanced Repair Gels, right after giving it a try.

It is gel like after coming out of the tube. However, after applying the product on the skin it gets absorbed quickly without the stickiness.
The skin feels very hydrated after the application!

Due to my pollen allergy my skin condition is usually in wreck, especially after rubbing around my eyes and mouth. It makes my skin rough around those places.
However, after applying Cyan Reishi Advanced Repair Gels, the areas with rough skin felt very nourished without any irritation!
The GMI ingredient in Cyan Reishi Advanced Repair Gels is considered “God’s herbs” in the ancient times. It’s an all-natural ingredient which allows the product to be used on infants as well. Cyan Reishi Advanced Repair Gels can be used for any skin discomfort♪ Even with my allergic skin, I haven’t had any issue using this product. This product helps to moisturize and brighten my rough skin!

Sheng Yuan Herbs also has Cyan Reishi Healing Gel in smaller travel-size package for ease of carrying it around.