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【Nao】Empress Cixi Radiance Mask

This time I was trying the facial care product from Taiwan, Sheng Yuan Herbs’ Empress Cixi Radiance Mask♬

This product is washable and I even surprised myself when I applied it to my face (haha), but it was really effective.  ?

After rinsing it off I couldn’t help but feel how white my facial skin became. (?).  The whitening effect was definitely significant.  ✨ (see before and after photos☺️)

The ingredients include the uniquely formulated Yu Ron San from Sheng Yuan Pharmacy. Specifically, the masks use herbal mud as a base containing skin moisturizing and nourishing ingredients such as pearl powder, natural saccharide isomerate, and mulberry root extracts.✨

After applying the mask the face feels less taut compared to other mud mask products.  Even with super dry skin like mine it feels very pleasant.  ✨  My skin condition and elasticity improved vastly after use.  ?

Yu Rong San is supposed to be a secret royal recipe for Empress Cixi formulated by imperial physicians Lee Der-li and Chuang Sou-ho, based on “Ba Bai San” facial cleaner used by women in the imperial palace during the reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing dynasty.?  Skin care products with storied history are pretty amazing!!  ✨

In any case, the facial mask is definitely effective from my personal use experience.  For people who are into skin care you have to give it a try.?

Sheng Yuan Herbs also carry cleansing soaps and brightening facial mask products made with similar herbal ingredients.  Those products are great as well. ✨

Go check out the limited time promotion on the website.  ♬

Now from Sheng Yuan Herbs’ website, you can purchase Empress Cixi Radiance/Brightening Mask products in 10ml sample size.  

Have a great day. ☺️?

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