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【Yokoyama fumiko】Bug repellent sprays

Recently I took interest in herbal personal care products from Taiwan.

Right now I am trying out facial masks, toothpastes and bug repellent sprays made with natural herbal ingredients!!
First order of business, let me introduce the mosquito repellent spray. ✨ This product comes from Sheng Yuan Herbs in Taiwan.

The ingredients are with herbal essential oils extracted from Taiwan cypress and other natural plants. It’s totally fine using the spray on the face or kids’ skin.
● Non-toxic, no irritation and no chemical additives
● Refreshing aroma due to herbal essential oils
● Safe even with accidental ingestion.

It’s perfectly fine using it on small children.
With the aroma from the herbal ingredients, there is no foul smell spraying on the kids.

With the soccer sport season getting ready to start, having Sheng Yuan
Herbs’ mosquito repellent spray handy for outdoor activities is not only highly recommended but also necessary!