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【Tanaka hiromi】Empress Cixi Radiance Mask

Facial/Oral Care Products from Sheng Yuan Herbs in Taiwan ✨

It is said that these products were specially formulated for Empress Cixi by the imperial doctors in the Qing Dynasty.  

It’s common knowledge that Asians’ skins are smooth and tender.  However, in the old days the personal care products used in the imperial palace were not accessible to common folks.  🙄

How the time has changed!  Sheng Yuan Herbs has developed various facial care products based on the special secret herbal formula from the imperial palace and make them widely available to everyone. 💕

According to the Chinese medicine, these products have the benefits of diminishing dark spots and brightening complexion on the skins.  ✨

Below are the products from Sheng Yuan Herbs I tried↓

◆ Toothpaste (Refreshing Herbal Periodontal Care Toothpaste and Herbal Periodontal Care Toothpaste)

→ Refreshing Herbal Periodontal Care Toothpaste is intended for people who are first time users of herbal toothpastes or not completely receptive to the Chinese herbal smell.  Herbal Periodontal Care Toothpaste is intended for people who enjoy Chinese herbal aroma or want to significantly improve oral health.

◆ Empress Cixi Radiance Mask/Empress Cixi Brightening Mask 10mlx2 Samples

◆ Empress Cixi Radiance Mask

→After use I can definitely feel the whitening of the skin as well as improvement in skin smoothness and tenderness!

◆ Empress Cixi Radiance Soap 

→After cleaning the facial skin looks quite soft and smooth without feeling dry.  The soap is very moisturizing and I can feel the follicles being deep cleaned.  

All these herbal facial care products are quite suitable for Japanese.  After using these products I feel my skins are thoroughly moisturized and brightened.✨