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5 Major Hair Loss Causes & Prevention Remedies, Natural Hair Growth Product Recommendations

Have you  noticed sudden large amount of hair loss?  If hair thinning and receding hairline is becoming obvious or large area of scalp is being exposed, it may be a sign of underlying medical conditions being revealed by the body. 

What Are the Cause for Hair Loss?

 Common causes for thinning hair include aging, autoimmune disease, chronic stress, poor thyroid function, and iron deficiency anemia.  Also fungal infection on the scalp or non-scarring hair loss can cause noticeable hair loss as well. 

How to Determine if Hair Loss Issue is Real?

Normal hair volume can cover the scalp adequately.  If hair thinning issue becomes more pronounced due to large amount of hair loss, or differing hair condition from before, below are the telltale indicators:

  1. For men: the receding hairline on the forehead.
  2. For women: the widening parting hairline or hair getting finer over time.  Or exposing more scalp when spreading out the hair compared to before.  Checking on the condition of the follicle of the fallen hair can help determine the cause of hair thinning.  `



Is Hair Loss a Sign of Unerlying Health conditions?

Not having sufficient rest may take a toll on the body which may cause chronic fatigue, low energy and lack of vitality, or worse yet eating disorder. 

These are results of unconsciously neglecting bodily needs  to maintain good health.  

We can decide how to improve these conditions by observing the hair conditions.  There are many causes for hair thinning, such as dysautonomia, hormonal imbalance, or daily stress which are impediments to self repair or self regulate bodily functions.  

How to Reduce or Treat Hair Loss?

Due to genetics:

  • Consult with dermatologists for oral medication
  • Consider hair implant
  • Utilize hair restoration or scalp treatment products.

Due to environmental influences

  • Maintain a regular daily routine.
  • Maintain a balanced diet with daily intake of proteins like eggs, meats, sea food, intestines, and beans. Also other food groups such as vegetables, shellfish, seaweeds, and nuts for the necessary nutrients to stimulate hair growth.
  • Establish good hobbies to relieve daily stress.
  • Utilize anti-thinning shampoos and scalp massage.

Apply the suggestions below can help restore hair growth cycles and stimulate hair growth to improve the hair thinning issue.  When experiencing hair thinning, it’s recommended to use hair care essence or conditioners with mild ingredients such as ginger extract, ginseng extract, caffeine, salicylic acid, allantoin and vitamin E.  These types of products can help blood circulation in the scalp, revitalize hair follicles, and reduce discomfort as well as strengthen hair roots, improve hair quality and minimize broken hair.

How to Use Herbs for Hair growth?

What to do with the hair thinning issue?  Sheng Yuan Herbs’ Cyan Reishi Scalp Revitalizer is one great remedy for it!

With GMI (Ganoderma Microsporum Immunomodulatory Protein) ingredient, Cyan Reishi Scalp Revitalizer can help stimulate hair growth.  Recommend to spread it over the scalp twice a day with gentle massage over the hair thinning areas or bald spots. Follow the routine for at least 3 months and improvements should be evident. 

With this routine, hair thinning should be reduced and hair regrowth should start around the hair thinning area or bald spots.  With the continuous hair regrowth the hair volume should be restored to normal levels.  

For pregnant or postpartum women with hormonal imbalance or stress from caring for newborns which causes hair thinning, Cyan Reishi Scalp Revitalizer is great for improving scalp health.  With nourishing ingredients such as ginseng roots, ginger roots and cocoa extracts, Sheng Yuan Herbs’ Cyan Reishi Scalp Revitalizer can help restore the volume and the strength of hair with luster!