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Is “Teeth Fortifying Magic Formula” Effective? See Below for the Reviews after Use.

The “Teeth Fortifying Magic Formula” was an herbal recipe initially created by the well renown Chinese medical doctor Chen Xiu Yuan in the Ching Dynasty. According to his medical book, this recipe is suitable for dental care due to its efficacy as anti-inflammatories, disinfectant, pain reduction remedy and in strengthening kidney. Chinese medicine has long claimed “Kidney is in control of the bones, bones generate marrow.”

Teeth are the extension of the bones and therefore extension of the kidney.  As a result, if the kidney is well taken care of, the health of teeth would be preserved as well. Allegedly using the Teeth Fortifying Magic Formula after brushing teeth can help prevent oral ailments such as gingival recession, gum disease and toothache. However, is the Teeth Fortifying Magic Formula truly effective? Are there any side effects? Check out the reviews from people who have tried it.

Recipe of the Teeth Fortifying Magic Formula

  • Salt 15g
  • Gypsum 15g
  • Psoralea Corylifolia 12g
  • Zanthoxylum Bungeanum Maxim 5g
  • Angelica Dahurica 5g
  • Saposhinkoviae Radix 8g
  • Mentha Leave 8g
  • Eclipta Prostrata 8g
  • Asarum Sieboldii 5g

How to Use the Teeth Fortifying Magic Formula:

The Teeth Fortifying Magic Formula requires the herbal ingredients listed in the recipe ground to powder. Then use the powder in the amount similar to that of toothpaste used for daily toothbrushing to replace regular toothpaste for brushing the teeth. Or use finger to dip into the powder and clean the teeth and gum with it. The procedure is similar to regular toothbrushing. However, the difference is not to gargle with water right away. It is best to allow the powder stay in the oral cavity for a while for the effects to kick in. The time needed depends on the severity of the gum disease. It may range from 1 min to 10 min.

If the symptoms from the gum disease are more severe, it is recommended to use fingers to apply the powder around the affected area and massage the gum. After one minute of massaging then wash the mouth. Or better yet dilute the powder of the Teeth Fortifying Magic Formula with water to make mouthwash. Gargle with the mouthwash from time to time. The germs caused gum disease are anaerobic bacteria which have aversion to flowing surroundings. Thus, it’s definitely beneficial to use the mouthwash frequently.

Feedback from Using Teeth Fortifying Magic Formula for Oral Care

From modern medicine’s perspective, the Teeth Fortifying Magic Formula can enhance the blood flow and metabolism in the gum area which would in turn improve the self-healing capability of the gums. In addition, this formula can prevent and alleviate the gum disease, gingival recession as well reduce gum blooding and toothache. As a result the health of teeth and use life of dentures can be boosted. The powder made from the Teeth Fortifying Magic Formula has no foul odor without any toxicity. This recipe is particularly effective against persistently recurring oral sores as long as it’s being used on a consistent basis.

From what we heard from the users of the Teeth Fortifying Magic Formula, many of them had severe gum disease and decided to give the recipe a try with the mind set of nothing to lose after no noticeable improvement from repeated dentist visits. After using it for 3 to 6 months, the users became loyal customers because they had seen their gum conditions improved significantly. This is because the “Teeth Fortifying Magic Formula” can indeed restore the self-healing capability of the gum by enhancing blood flood and metabolism of the gum. Most of the gum diseases or problems can be eased as long as the recipe is used for oral care on a consistent basis. The Herbal Periodontal Care Toothpaste from Sheng Yuan Herbs made with the “Teeth Fortifying Magic Formula” is definitely worth a shot!