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【canana】Empress Cixi Radiance Mask

Vintage Chinese Medicine Pharmacy In Taiwan Founded 80 years ago, Sheng Yuan Herbs’ Empress Cixi Radiance Mask!

The ingredients are based on the “Ba Bai San(八白散)” facial cleaner used by royal maids in the imperial palace during the reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing dynasty.

This formula can help skin tightening and whitening as well as reducing and preventing fine lines and wrinkles. ✨

After opening the tube you would be overwhelmed with the odor of Chinese herbal medicine which is uniquely Taiwanese. 💐

The color of the mask is exceedingly dark which surprises me.
If possible I would recommend applying this mask on a daily basis.   

It’s likely to see small acne breakouts during the initial use.  Just treat it as a detoxing process.  👏

Along with Empress Cixi Radiance Mask, there is a complementary skin care product Empress Cixi Radiance Soap.  It’s made with natural Chinese herbal medicine powder and can help wash away dead skin cells.  🧼

Empress Cixi Radiance Mask has helped my whitening my skin and I also anticipate it making my skin even more tender as well.  🎶

The physical store is located around the Dihua neighborhood in Taipei.  I used to work in that area and would like to pay a visit to the store if possible.  

Although currently we can’t travel freely as we would like, we can still order this amazing product online.   👌