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【Nao】mosquito repellent sprays

There is a myth that mosquitoes like to bite people with type O blood. I think it is real!!
My family all has type O blood type and gets bitten by mosquitoes frequently. Once bitten the swelling on the skin is quite large. I think my family has a strong allergic reaction to mosquitoes.
As a result, we would also make sure to have bug repellent sprays handy when going out in the summertime!
I am currently using facial masks and bug repellents made by Sheng Yuan Herbs in Taiwan!
Mosquito repellent sprays from Sheng Yuan Herbs are made with Taiwan cypress essence and herbal essential oils. These ingredients are natural, non-toxic and without any chemical additives.

Sheng Yuan Herbs’ mosquito repellent sprays are refreshing and not pungent. It would be safe even if the kids or pets accidentally ingest the solution. I am totally fine with the spray on my face. ☺
My kids have sensitive skin conditions and need to visit dermatologists often.
Because of the natural ingredients, I am not concerned at all using this product on them. ✨
After spraying I can sell mild aroma which feels therapeutic. The sprays come i small bottles and are easy to carry around. ♬
I strongly recommend this product to mothers with small children.