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【Arimura Miki】Empress Cixi Radiance Mask

Previously I introduced the candies from Taiwan.  This time I would like to share my fun experience in using skin care products from Taiwan.

Many of these facial care products have natural herbal ingredients, similarly to the candies I mentioned about earlier.

The photo is showing Empress Cixi Radiance Masks from Sheng Yuan Herbs. The main ingredient for the mask is made from the Chinese herbal formula “Yu Ron San”. 

Yu Ron San was used by Empress Cixi.  Literally speaking, the name of the product can be elaborated to be “Facial Masks made with Yu Ron San used by Empress Cixi”.

This formulation is known to have the effects of boosting metabolism, improving blood circulation, diminishing dark spots, and nourishing skin.

As shown in the photo, the mud mask squeezed out of the tube displays the color of natural ingredients. 

The product is using Sheng Yuan Herbs’ specialized Yu Ron San as the foundation, with below ingredients:
-Herbal mud and kaolin
-Pearl powder, natural saccharide isomerate, and mulberry root extracts.

Directions of use:  After washing the face, just apply the mask on the face avoiding eyes and lips.  Then wash the mask off after 10 to 15 min. 

Photo #2:
On the left is right after the application of the mud mask.  On the right is the mud mask after 15 min since application.
The color is dark green because the ingredients are all natural.  It’s easy to spread out the mud mask.

I typically apply facial masks during bath.  After the 1st use of this product I was quite taken aback from the strong herbal odor.  Initially I was not used to this unique smell and close to giving up on this product. However, surprisingly I have been slowly getting used to the odor the more I use the product.  Now I can use this product with complete ease.

According to the instruction, mild tingling during use or temporary redness after use is normal because that’s blood flow being stimulated. 

Consistent use of this product can help tighten the skin and improve blood circulation according to Chinese medicine.

After the 3rd use I do not feel any stinging sensation so I have been using this product regularly ever since.  (But keep in mind each person’s skin condition is different therefore if there is any discomfort after use it’s recommended to stop using this product)

Photo #3  Skin condition after use:
On the left it’s the skin post application of the face mask.  On the right it’s pre-application.

The mask would dry off after 15 min and the face might feel a little parched at first.  After washing the mask off the skin felt very refreshing.

I want to point out that right after washing the mask off my face seemed to look brightening to another level. I couldn’t take my eyes off it!
It’s very exhilarating to find out how refreshing the skin can become just by using this facial mask!

It is recommended to use this product a few times a week, but it is okay to use it on a daily basis.  I personally use it every other day.
Skin care products with Chinese herbal ingredients are mystical and interesting.  I want to try out other products with similar ingredients afterwards.

By the way, you can easily buy this product online.  I also recommend the Empress Cixi Radiance Soap with Yu Ron San ingredients from Sheng Yuan Herbs as well.

Now there are 10ml samples of Empress Cixi Radiance Masks/ Empress Cixi Brightening Masks for sale on the Sheng-Yuan Herbs’ website.  Make sure not to miss this opportunity to try out these great products.

Sheng Yuan Herb’s website:

The physical store is located around the Dihua neighborhood in Taipei.  I didn’t know about this product when I traveled to Taiwan a few years back.  It’s a pity I didn’t have a chance to visit the store then.

After the pandemic is over, I definitely want to pay a visit to the physical store.

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