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Causes of eczema explained, use reishi skincare products to relieve eczema

Allergy refers to an adverse reaction that occurs when a person comes into contact with an allergen, leading to a pathogenic immune response. Common allergic symptoms include eczema, urticaria (hives) and  allergic rhinitis. Among them, eczema is the most prevalent skin condition in Taiwan. When eczema occurs, it causes redness, swelling, and intense itching, causing great distress. The condition of the skin reflects the overall health of the body. To restore the skin’s freshness and relieve itching, using Reishi products can help maintain health and reduce eczema symptoms.

Therefore, let us tell you about the benefits and effects of Reishi on allergies, how it can regulate the body and alleviate eczema, and the precautions to take when consuming Reishi products.

What Causes Eczema?  What are the Symptoms of Eczema?

Eczema Symptoms

Eczema Symptoms

Eczema is a broad term that includes atopic dermatitis, dyshidrotic eczema, and sweat rash, among others. It often manifests as symptoms such as redness, itching, tissue exudation, or scaling of the skin, all of which are referred to as eczema.

The development of eczema is triggered when immune cells in the body detect an allergen and release histamine into the bloodstream, thereby regulating physiological functions. This process leads to localized redness, swelling, and itching reactions.

It is important to note that eczema and urticaria (hives) have similar symptoms and may appear as allergic reactions. However, the underlying causes differ. Eczema typically presents as red patches and rash on the skin, accompanied by discomfort such as redness, swelling, pain, and even the formation of blisters or oozing wounds. Hives, on the other hand, manifests as irregular, varying-sized patches of raised swelling throughout the body. To better understand your condition, it is advisable to seek professional consultation from a physician after the initial onset of symptoms. They can provide an accurate diagnosis, assess your individual health condition, and recommend appropriate treatments.

Two Major Factors Contributing to Eczema Occurrences: Humid Climate and Weaken Immune System

Understanding the symptoms of eczema is important, but it is also essential to recognize the underlying causes that can trigger eczema. Generally, these causes can be categorized into two main factors: external and internal.

・External Factors: Environment and Climate

Taiwan’s hot and humid weather often leads to sweating and moisture accumulation in areas such as the armpits, groin, and elbows. Prolonged exposure of the skin to sweat can irritate the skin and potentially cause inflammation, leading to eczema. Individuals with poor digestive function or a tendency for excessive internal moisture (from Chinese medicine’s perspective) may also be more susceptible to eczema when exposed to the humid climate, as their bodies may struggle to eliminate excess moisture.

・Internal Factor: Body Constitution

Apart from environmental factors, in modern times people often experience high levels of stress and fatigue due to busy work schedules. When the body is constantly fatigued or under stress, the immune system can become compromised, making the body more prone to inflammation and serving as a trigger for eczema. Additionally, individuals with a family history of eczema have a higher likelihood of developing the condition due to genetic factors.

By understanding the triggers of eczema, we can avoid environments that are more likely to induce the condition. We can also make adjustments based on internal factors. When the immune system is imbalanced and overactive, it can react strongly to allergens, leading to inflammatory responses. Therefore, establishing a balanced immune system and creating a healthy internal environment are crucial for alleviating discomfort.

To adjust the body’s constitution and restore skin health, using Reishi products can help create a stable internal environment. Along with minimizing exposure to allergens, a healthier and more radiant appearance from the inside out can be achieved.

Whar are the reishi mushroom benefits for skin?

Reishi is a traditional precious medicinal herb that has been recognized for its various medical properties. It holds high medicinal value and is considered a nourishing and body-regulating treasure. Lingzhi offers benefits such as promoting health, regulating physiological functions, and adjusting the body’s constitution.

The key nutritional values of Reishi are its active polysaccharides and triterpenes. These triterpenes play a crucial role in regulating the body’s constitution. When allergens enter the body, the triterpenes in Reishi can help regulate physiological functions, resist external invasions, and maintain a healthy internal environment.

Reishi can be divided into mycelium and fruiting bodies. The mycelium is rich in polysaccharides, while the fruiting bodies contain compounds like polysaccharides, peptides, and triterpenes. When used as a medicinal herb, the whole Reishi is usually considered the most effective. Fresh Reishi is hard like wood and therefore is typically dried and ground into powder for consumption or being used by steeping it in water as sliced pieces. To facilitate the intake of Reishi’s nutrients, the nutritional value of the fruiting bodies is also extracted and processed into capsules as nutritional supplements.

Before Consuming High Value Reishi, Which Groups of People Need to be Cautious?

Reishi is rich in nutrients and can be appropriately consumed according to individual conditions to help regulate the body’s constitution and maintain health. However, even though Reishi has numerous advantages and benefits, caution must still be exercised when taking it. It is important to pay attention to the correct way of consumption and control the dosage. In particular, the following groups of people should not take Reishi:

Individuals with low blood pressure: 

The nutritional components of Reishi have positive effects on improving high blood pressure. However, it is not suitable for individuals with low blood pressure, so they should avoid taking Reishi.

Those undergoing surgery or taking medication: 

If you have had surgery in recent months or are currently taking medication, it is recommended to avoid taking Reishi to prevent additional burden on the body.

Although Reishi is considered a benign herb and can be combined with other herbs to achieve synergistic effects, individuals with the above special conditions should consult a doctor before consuming Reishi. Through professional assessment, they can determine how to best consume Reishi to maximize its  benefits.

How To Best Care for Eczema and Alleviate the Accompanying Discomfort?

Stubborn eczema is accompanied by unbearable itching and pain, causing discomfort and affecting appearance. Generally, if eczema is causing severe discomfort, it is necessary to seek immediate treatment from a dermatologist. Doctors often prescribe oral corticosteroids or prescribe topical corticosteroids to be applied to the affected area to achieve rapid anti-inflammatory effects and relieve skin discomfort and itching.

Since eczema is the result of the interaction of internal and external factors, patients must understand that in addition to taking health supplements, they also need to avoid getting into contact with irritants and consuming spicy, greasy, and other stimulating foods. It is important to maintain a regular daily routine, consistent skincare, and provide protection by keeping the skin moisturized to effectively reduce eczema recurrence.

In addition to adjusting the body’s constitution through oral health supplements, the importance of topical application is also increasingly recognized. The use of Reishi ointment on the skin can establish a barrier against external irritants and provide soothing effects.

Recommended reishi mushroom skincare

Are you still suffering from skin allergies? We recommend a skin care product called “Cyan Reishi Advanced Repair Gel” from Sheng Yuan Herbs.  It is formulated with premium herbal ingredients, including the gentle herb “cyan Reishi,” and enriched with the essence of GMI protein. It helps remedy skin issues caused by autoimmune reactions, such as eczema, sensitive skin, and unbearable itching, providing soothing effects. Cyan Reishi Advanced Repair Gel has a non-greasy, water-based texture that establishes a moisturizing barrier for the skin, helping to repair various skin problems.

With the understanding of the causes of eczema and how Reishi can address the corresponding symptoms, you can alleviate your skin issues and adjust your constitution by taking advantage of the benefits from Reishi products. Say goodbye to the skin troubles caused by eczema with the skincare remedy provided by Cyan Reishi Advanced Repair Gel from Sheng Yuan Herbs.