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Reishi’s Benefits and Use for Skin Care

What are Reishi’s Healthcare Benefits?

Do you know about Reishi?  Since ancient times Reishi has been valued as a premium herbal medicine for maintaining health and regulating bodily functions. However, natural-grown Reishi is scarce and as a result it is very precious.  That’s why Reishi is also referred to as “Magic Fungi”,  Due to the advancement in cultivation technology, Reishi can be mass produced in large amounts currently and expected to continue to grow in volume.  This article provides an introduction about the characteristics of Reishi and its composition as well as its benefits and application for healthcare. 

What is Reishi?  What is Reishi’s composition?

Reishi is a polypore mushroom that prefers to grow in tropical rainforests and inhabit various trees. But due to deforestation and  over-harvesting by humans, the rare Reishi has been called the ‘Fairy Mushroom’. In China during the period of 200 to 100 BC, Reishi was recorded as “Superior Medicine”, which is the highest grade of medicine. After its nutritional value was gradually revealed, due to its extremely limited production, it was expensive and only available to the nobility. After years of research and development in cultivation technology, it was successfully cultivated artificially in China in 1972 and then in Japan, so now ordinary people can also enjoy the benefits of Reishi. 

Various active ingredients unique to Reishi, each with its own effectiveness, are being studied to evaluate how they can be combined to create higher efficiency. These two ingredients often combine to form drugs that are more beneficial to the human body. Objectively speaking, there is a great potential for Reishi to benefit human health.

For example, triterpenoid compounds (Ganoderma acid) can improve hypertension and protect liver function, β-glucans can also strengthen immunity and anti-tumor effects, and the β-1,3 combination with immediate effect on cancer is also highly valued.

In addition, Reishi also is capable of synthesizing and decomposing neutral fats, which is beneficial for improving blood circulation. The triterpenoids in the ingredients are also very effective against allergies; calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, iron and other minerals often lacking in the human body can also be taken at the same time to regulate body functions.

Benefits of Reishi for Skin Care?

Reishi has mostly been used for the treatment of diseases or to regulate body functions in the past, but in recent years, studies have shown that the extracted Reishi essence is very effective for skin care, prompting a lot of reverberation in academia and industries. Reishii can not only improve skin health, but can also effectively help the skin to function normally. People with sensitive skin or who are often troubled by skin problems should definitely give it a try.

1. Maintaining High Moisturizing

Although it is hard to imagine from the shape of the mushroom, using Reishi essence can make the skin maintain a high level of moisture for a long time.  Even it can be very moisturized for the bare skin. This is mainly because of the water-soluble β-glucans contained in the ingredients, as well as the amino acids that the skin needs most for skin care, which can maintain the highest moisture content. The skin needs to replenish moisture constantly to maintain normal protective functions, prevent UV rays or external stimuli, and achieve skin care  effects such as whitening and inhibiting melanin formation.

2. Improving Skin Care

The amino acids and minerals contained in Reishi can relieve skin discomfort with anti-aging and anti-wrinkle effects. The extracted essence not only can moisturize, but also supplement the nutrients that the skin often lacks by permeating into the skin cells, and restore the original skin smooth and elastic appearance. Not only can it be taken through food, but it can also be used in skin care products for skin absorption. After this daily external application with food intake, you will definitely have smoother skin.

3. Anti-inflammatory

Good news for those who often suffer from skin inflammation and redness! Reishi also contains anti-inflammatory ingredients. People with “red face syndrome” have fragile skin, and any slight stimulation can easily cause skin inflammation. Using Reishi extract can effectively mitigate this problem. Not only does it improve the skin’s protective function against external stimuli, but the active ingredients can also calm skin inflammation and reduce rashes.

4. Improve Skin Conditions

The skin is often exposed to various external stimuli such as UV rays, dryness or chemicals in cosmetics, friction, insect bites, etc., which can cause pigment deposition and other problems. It may already be in a state with no protective function at all. Thus, it’s important to restore the skin’s protective function, but the key is to start with the damaged skin and perform the treatment first.

For treatments on bug bitten parts of the skin,we usually apply with ointments, but for more fragile facial skin, applying general over-the-counter ointments may cause pigment deposition or roughness on the face. Using Reishi extract not only can treat wounds, but it also suppresses allergic reactions and improves any discomfort of the skin.

How to Use Reishi and Utilize its Benefits?

Reishi can be mainly ingested from health foods or herbal medicines to regulate body functions and enhance immunity. Nowadays, many skin care products have added Reishi extract as an external care for health and beauty.

1. How to Consume Reishi

Due to its hardness, Reishi can’t be directly consumed and needs to be boiled or cooked first before eating. Alternatively, one can purchase food or drinks with Reishi extracts.

●  How to Prepare and Cook Reishi

If buying unprocessed Reishi directly, it is not necessary to wash it. Use a knife to cut it into small pieces and boil it with 400-600cc of water for 3-5 grams of Reishi. It is recommended not to use metal cookware to prevent the active ingredients from evaporating. After boiling for the first time, simmer for a while on low heat. Turn off the stove when 50% of the water has evaporated. Filter out the Reishi water with a sieve. Drink twice or three times a day, 30 minutes before meals. Store it in the refrigerator and try to finish it within two or three days.

●  Advantages of Health Foods with Reishi

Foods or drinks containing Reishi extract not only can retain the original effective ingredients of Reishi, but also can last longer than the home-made Reishi water. Some health foods may also include extra trace elements. People interested in buying them should pay attention to the ingredient label.

●  Benefits of Reishi Intake

Cancer patients have poor blood circulation. The amino acids contained in Reishi can promote blood circulation and improve spleen function. Once the spleen function works properly, the β-D-glucan in Chlorella can be fully utilized to enhance immunity and prevent the spread of cancer cells.

Moreover, multiple studies have proved that Reishi has a positive effect on cardiovascular and hypertension. Researchers believe that Ganoderma acids B and C can inhibit the formation and synthesis of cholesterol in human blood vessels. In addition, consuming Reishi helps to reduce cholesterol, fasting blood sugar and triglycerides, as well as relieving symptoms of diabetes, improving blood pressure and low density lipoprotein, which is beneficial for cardiovascular health.

Reishi also has an inhibitory effect on allergies. Reishi can strengthen white blood cells so that they can react faster when the body detects the intrusion of bacteria and viruses, allowing them to be eliminated before causing further damage to our bodies.

The above mentioned ailments, such as shoulder pain, insomnia, dizziness, fatigue, cold hands and feet, are common due to aging of the central and autonomic nervous system. Research has already proven that Reishi can effectively improve our neural system and further regulate it.

For women who often suffer from constipation, consuming Reishi can also help  regulate the environment inside the intestine and have significant benefits to organs.  Reishi’s benefits are not just limited to what’s mentioned above. It has also shown to  contain positive effects on beauty care and anti-aging.

2. Reishi External Ointments

For ointments containing Reishii essence, the polysaccharide elements not only help to repair wounds and prevent infection after scalding, but also moisturize and enhance the skin’s protective ability. Also, because Reishi itself has anti-inflammatory ingredients, it can help mitigate skin problems such as itching, pain, redness caused by allergic dermatitis, temporarily relieve the itching of sensitive skin, and yield a healthy and moist skin. Due to its natural ingredients, even children can use it with no problem.

Cyan Reishi Dark Spot Collector from Sheng Yuan Herbs, which retains all the effective ingredients of Reishi and has high moisture retention and anti-inflammatory effects, can help repair acne scars and calm skin inflammation. It can also be applied to scalding, itching, cuts, symptoms of allergic dermatitis such as redness and itching. As mentioned above, because of its all-natural ingredients, even young children can use the product with confidence. 

Mosquito bites, skin pigmentation, even bedsores from chronic bed rest, stretch marks caused by pregnancy or obesity can all be treated with Cyan Reishi Dark Spot Corrector with marked improvements.

Highly Recommended for Those Aspiring to Have Beautify and Healthy Skin

As mentioned above, Reishi can not only improve the external skin, but also have great benefits for improving body functions and potential illness. Imagine common skin problems in daily life can be minimized with a natural ointment product.  It is highly recommended that you carry it with you at all times for use as needed. Cyan Advanced Repair Gel with naturally extracted Reishi from Sheng Yuan Herbs is especially recommended for both children and adults.