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What is allergic skin itching? 3 Key Allergy Triggers and ointment for Atopic dermatitis

skin itching

During the changing of the seasons with varying weather patterns and large temperature fluctuations, it is a prime time for Atopic Eczema breakouts.
Facing the annoying situation of sudden eczema flare-ups and uncontrollable itchiness, it can severely affect one’s mood, sleep,and quality of life.

Over time it can take a toll on one’s body and mind. In the following sections, we will introduce to you what atopic eczema is as well as the treatments such as ointments and oral medication.
In addition, what can patients with atopic eczema do in daily life or precautions to take to improve the situation and alleviate discomfort.

Unstoppable Itchiness: What is allergic skin itching

allergic skin itching

Atopic Eczema is a chronic skin condition which is easily triggered and can come and go anytime. The causes for condition can be attributed to genetics, environments or one’s eating habits. It occurs because the immune system becomes disordered and overactive and deteriorates the ability of skin barrier to preserve water. As a result, one would experience symptoms of itchiness, dryness and rashes.

It’s more common to see atopic eczema in babies, toddlers and teenagers. For some people it can last until well into adulthood with varying degree of severity.

The main symptoms for atopic eczema are itchiness and sensitive skin. People with eczema often can’t help but feel very itchy thus they would start scratch their body uncontrollably which causes damages to the skins. 

In particular for people with eczema it would adversely affect their quality of sleep due to the itchiness and in turn it would reduce their work efficiency. In addition, it may also lower one’s self-esteem or confidence because of the unpleasant-looking skin conditions.    

Triggers for allergic skin itching

Now we have established the basic knowledge about the symptoms of atopic eczema. In the following sections, we will introduce the triggers for atopic eczema breakout and precautions for people with eczema to take to minimize the flare-ups from atopic eczema.

1. External Environment

Because the skins from people with eczema are more sensitive, the irritants such as dust mites, dust, hair from pets or 2nd hand smoke in everyday environment can cause itchiness in addition to temperature and moisture fluctuations. These factors can significantly contribute atopic eczema flare-ups.

2. Eating Habits

One of the causes for atopic eczema is food allergy. Because each person’s body is different, it is recommended to get allergy tests to identify any food allergies one may have. That way you can avoid consume foods causing allergy and minimize eczema breakouts.

3. Emotional Stress

Some people with eczema can have unbearable itchiness which makes it very difficult to get a good night of sleep. If you are under a lot of stress from school, work or for money, the anxiety or angst from these things can also exacerbate the discomfort and reactions from atopic eczema.

Treatments for allergic skin itching

There are three main treatment methods for atopic eczema, external ointment, oral medication and phototherapy. It’s recommended to ask for evaluation and advice from healthcare providers for appropriate treatments specific to each person’s condition in order to reduce the symptoms and improve the quality of life.

1. Ointments

Ointment medication for treating atopic eczema is mainly topical corticosteroids. Dermatologists would need to prescribe this medication with adequate dosage and strength. Use the medication as prescribed can avoid side effects as well as alleviating sensitive skins caused by dryness.

2. Oral medication

If no noticeable improvement is shown after applying medical ointment, eczema patients can consult with their dermatologists if oral medication is needed to reduce and relieve eczema symptoms.

3. Phototherapy

Moreover, phototherapy with UV light can be utilized as well to reduce the consumption of oral medication and alleviate eczema symptoms.

Four Suggestions for People Suffering from allergic skin itching to Strengthen Skin Barrier

In addition to properly using oral and ointment medication prescribed by dermatologists, people suffering from eczema can also further improve the situation by establishing a regular moisturizing routine on the skin or making some adjustments to lifestyle.

1. Pay Attention to Weather Change

People with atopic eczema are more sensitive to temperature change in the surroundings. I recommend carrying a towel to soak up the sweat to keep the body dry during the hot summer days. Also, you should pick clothing made with pure cotton for sweat absorption.

2. Boost Moisturizing on Skin

During the dry and cold winter days, people with eczema need to pay special attention to moisturizing the skin. I recommend using body cleansers and moisturizers with simple and mild ingredients with no coloring agents or fragrances to complement the treatments outlined before to alleviate the dry skin condition and improve moisturizing skin care.

3. Regularly Keep the Living Environment Clean

Dust and animal hair are common allergen present in the environment. Thus people with atopic eczema should maintain the cleanliness of the living environment. Regularly wash pillow covers, bed sheets and blanket/comforter. Also, it’s highly recommended to use air purifiers or humidifiers to reduce the allergens in the surroundings.

4. Avoid Irritating Skins

I recommend periodically clipping fingernails to reduce damage to skins due to repeated scratching. Do not take shower with hot water and use warm water instead. The protective lipids in the skin barrier would be impaired if they get in contact with hot water.

Cyan Reishi Advanced Repair Gel: Great Skin Care Product for People with Atopic Eczema

In addition to having treatments such as oral or ointment medications, people with atopic eczema can also employ skin care products or lotion regularly to moisturize skin to strengthen the skin barrier and alleviate the symptoms from atopic eczema. 

In conclusion, we are recommending a remarkable skin barrier repair product: Cyan Reishi Advanced Repair Gel

Incorporating premium and mild herbal ingredients along with extract from GMI essence, Sheng Yuan Herbs’ Cyan Reishi Advanced Repair Gel is developed for universal high-quality skin care.
After applying this gel on the skin, your skin would feel very refreshing and invigorating because the all-natural Cyan Reishi Advanced Repair Gel is water-based and easy to absorb.  Pregnant women as well as young children can use it with great peace of mind. 

Cyan Reishi Advanced Repair Gel can also alleviate discomfort from various skin issues. From bug bites to itchy rashes, applying Cyan Reishi Advanced Repair Gel on the affected areas can strengthen the skin barrier and repair the damages to the skin.

In turn it can help restore the skin texture to the optimal level of smoothness and softness and say goodbye to troubling skin issues. After learning about atopic eczema and the treatments options, in addition to taking prescription medication for conventional eczema treatments, we should also maintain joyful mood and regular daily schedules so that we can all get rid of the irritating skin problems quickly and have better quality of life going forward.