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【Shibuya kyoko】Empress Cixi Radiance Mask

In this season I have been constantly preoccupied with the harsh sunlight and dark spots on my skin. 

As a result I have been using a very special facial mask product, Empress Cixi Radiance Mask from Sheng Yuan Herbs in Taiwan. 😉

Yu Ron San was the Chinese herbal skin care formula specially created for Empress Cixi by the imperial doctors in the Qing Dynasty.  

Sheng Yuan Herbs employs Yu Ron San as the base with other herbal ingredients to make a facial mask product focusing on meeting the skin care needs of modern women.  ✨

The mask is using herbal mud as a base with a large number of skin moisturizing and nourishing ingredients.  This herbal formulation is known to have the effects of improving blood circulation, diminishing dark spots, and nourishing skin.

Comparing to other mud masks on the market, Empress Cixi Radiance Mask is easy to spread over the face without tightening the skins during application.

Initially I was quite taken aback from the strong herbal odor and color of the mud mask.  However, after some use, my face started to look brightening and feel that my skin became more tender and smooth. 😊

I think if I continue to use this product the dark spots on my face may be greatly diminished as a result. 💕

Now there are 10ml samples of Empress Cixi Radiance Masks/ Empress Cixi Brightening Masks for sale on the Sheng-Yuan Herbs’ website.  Make sure not to miss this opportunity to try out these great products.