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Understanding the causes for eczema and the skin care for the condition. Leveraging the benefits of Reishi to alleviate the skin discomfort caused by the allergy.

Having allergy usually means the adverse reactions people have when coming into contact with various allergens. The allergens trigger immune system’s response from the body and cause conditions such as eczema, hives, and allergic rhinitis.
Eczema is the most common form of dermatitis in Taiwan. Having eczema would cause irritating skin conditions such as swelling and unbearable itchiness. Skin conditions are actually reflection of one’s overall health.
If you want to restore refreshing skin condition, using Reishi based products can greatly improve overall health and minimize eczema occurrence. In this article, we will elucidate about the benefits and efficacies of Reishi in reducing allergies and improving overall health to alleviate the unpleasant symptoms from eczema as well as the precautions to keep in mind when using Reishi based products.

What Causes Eczema? What are the Symptoms of Eczema?


Eczema is sometimes used broadly to refer actual conditions such as atopic dermatitis, Keratodermia tylodes palmaris progressive(or KTPP), or Dyshidrosis.
In general, these ailments cause rashes, itchiness, tissue exudation or large amount of desquamation.

The reason for eczema breakout is when the immune system detects allergen, histamine is generated and released to the blood stream to respond to the exposure to the allergens. The process would cause the exposure area to have rash or itchiness. Something to pay attention to is the difference between eczema and hives because they have similar symptoms.
The allergic reactions from Eczema and hives look similar at first glance but the triggers are actually different. Eczema usually manifests itself in the form of skin redness and rashes. Depending on the severity, blisters can also occur with liquids exudating out of the wounds. For hives the symptoms are irregular patches of swelling on different parts of the body.
In order to confirm the actual skin ailment, one should consult dermatologists for diagnosis and best course of treatment after initial symptoms emerge.

Two Main Triggers for Eczema: Humidity and Weakened Immune System

Now we have learned about the symptoms of eczema. The next topic is to identify the triggers for eczema which can be categorized as external factors and internal factors.

・External Factors: Environment and Climate

The weather in Taiwan is muggy and humid. As a result, it’s easy to accumulate sweat underneath places like armpits, crotch, or elbows where body parts are joined together.
When sweat consistently irritates the skin, it would lead to skin inflammation and cause eczema. If the digestive organs like spleen and stomach are not well, a lot of water would be retained in the body and properly released which would trigger eczema as well.

・Internal Factor: Body Constitution

In addition to external factors, people in modern times are generally under a lot of work-related stress. Stress usually induces fatigue and anxiety which would weaken immune systems. The body would be more prone to inflammation with weaker immune systems and trigger eczema more easily.
If family has history of eczema one would tend to have eczema as well due to genetics.

Now we have good understanding of the triggers for eczema, we can avoid the surroundings with allergens. Also we can build up one’s overall health to maintain a balanced immune system to minimize overactive body response to exposure of allergens which causes skin inflammation and discomfort from eczema.

To improve body constitution and restore skin health, we can consume Reishi products to stabilize body chemistry as well as avoid environment with allergens. As a result the skin would radiate with luster and glow.

What are the Benefits and Efficacy of Reishi? Moderating Physiological Functions with Triterpenoids

Traditionally Reishi is a precious herb known for its diverse medical benefits. It has high pharmaceutical values as a premium nutritional supplement for nourishing and balancing body constitution.
People historically have been taking advantage of Reishi products to maintain health and moderate physiological functions.

The critical nutritional elements of Reishi are triterpenoids and active polysaccharide which are highly valued. The main benefit of triterpenoids is to regulate body constitution. When allergens enter the body, triterpenoids in Reishi can help regulate the physiological functions against foreign substance invasion and maintain the body’s well-being.

Reishi is constituted of two parts, mycelium and fruiting body. Mycelium is rich with polysaccharide. The fruiting body has elements of polysaccharide, peptide and triterpenoids.
In order to transform Reishi to herbal medicine, it’s best to use the whole body of Reishi as ingredients. Freshi Reishi is as hard as wood. In general we have to dry out freshi Reishi first and grind it into powder before use. Or Reishi can be sliced and brewed to drink.
Another way is to extract the fruiting body of Reishi and capsulize it which provides the convenience and ease to take Reishi as a nutritional supplement.

Precautions before Consuming Reishi Products with High Nutritional Values

Reishi is rich with nutrients which can be consumed in appropriate amount to moderate body constitution and maintain health. However, although Reishi has a lot of benefits and values, it is still necessary to pay attention to the dosage and intake when consuming Reishi products. In particular, people with the following conditions should avoid taking Reishi based products:

People with Hypotension

The nutritional ingredients in Reishi can help improve the condition of hypertension. On the flip side, it is not suitable for people with hypotension to consume Reishi based products thus it should be avoided for those with low blood pressure.

Post-Surgery or Under Medication

For those who are recently recovering from surgeries or taking medication, you should avoid taking Reishi based products to introduce additional burden to the body.

Even though Reishi is mild in nature and can complement other herbal medicine to improve healing and health, people with the aforementioned conditions should consult healthcare professionals before use in order to safely enjoy the many benefits of Reishi.

How to Care for or Alleviate Discomfort from Eczema?

Persistent eczema with unbearable itchiness is both unpleasant and unattractive. In general, if the skin condition is seriously affected by eczema, it is best to reach out to dermatologists for treatments. Usually dermatologists would prescribe oral steroid medication or topical corticosteroids to apply over the affected area to quickly eliminate inflammation to alleviate skin discomfort and itchiness.

Eczema outbreak is actually the manifestation of the interactions between external and internal factors. Thus, besides taking nutritional supplements, people with eczema conditions should also avoid exposure to irritating substances and reduce consumption of spicy or greasy foods as well as maintain regular daily schedule. It is also important to moisturize skin consistently to strength the protection against eczema outbreak.

In addition to using nutritional supplement to improve health, external protection against eczema is becoming more and more important as well. Reishi based ointment can help strength skin barrier against allergens and alleviate the symptoms from eczema.

Cyan Reishi Advanced Repair Gel: Great Skin Care Product to Repair Skin and Alleviate Symptoms for People Suffering from Eczema

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After applying this gel on the skin, your skin would feel very refreshing and invigorating because the all-natural Cyan Reishi Advanced Repair Gel is water-based and easy to absorb. It is ideal to assuage unpleasant skin conditions such as eczema, sensitive skin and itchiness.

After learning about the triggers for eczema and the potential treatments from Reishi, we can fully and correctly take advantage of Reishi based products to improve body constitution to minimize the agony caused by eczema.

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